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Sheri Anspach

Animal Communicator, Intuitive, Professional Counselor


I have always been interested in the workings of the mind. In fact, my Master's thesis was about the three subjective theories to understand more fully the psychodynamics of transformation and its part in the personal growth of a human being.


As a psychic intuitive and empath, I enjoy working with both humans and animals needing help with grief, pain, joy, work, and identifying needs beyond the obvious. I continue to learn, educate, and fine-tune my intuition to feed my curiosity and joy.

Formal Education & Training

  • BA in Music and Imagery Therapy

  • MA with an emphasis in Psychology, Counseling, and Education

  • Reiki Master

  • Theta Healing Practitioner

  • 58 years listening to, learning from, and using my intuition to help others

  • 58 years of training, healing, caring for and communicating with animals


As an Intuitive, I offer the following services:

  • Resolve personal and relationship issues

  • Identify needs beyond the obvious

  • Healing through Reiki or Theta Healing for both people and animals

  • Conduct Classes and Workshops

  • Help Service and Therapy Animals and their Handlers

  • Work with both employees and their pets


I work with different companies and organizations that help others and myself to strive:

LifeSpark Cancer Resources:

This organization is matching cancer patients with a Reiki or Healing Touch Provider. Sheri is offering her Reiki healing to cancer patients free of charge.

Learn more at 

Theta Healing:

I am a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor. Learn more by clicking the links below:

About Theta - click here

Young Living:

Essential oils that I use for my practice:

Sheri’s Young Living web site


Visit my ASEA profile and learn more about this ground-breaking company and products - click here.

“My gifts have helped countless animals and people to deepen their relationships with themselves and others.”
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