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Sheri is an outstanding Reiki practitioner. When she puts her hands on you, you can feel the love pouring out of them. Sheri’s compassion and love for all living things make her energy profoundly healing.

Sheri has given me Reiki both in person as well as long distance. On one occasion I was in such pain from a toothache that I had no other recourse than to call Sheri. Within twenty minutes of long-distance Reiki, I had fallen asleep. I was amazed. On another occasion, Sheri cured my headache—again, long distance. I was not as amazed the second time, for I had come to accept that Sheri’s Reiki was real indeed.

Sheri lives and breathes Reiki. She knows exactly what she is doing and has been doing it for years and years. With Sheri, you can be assured that you are in the “hands” of the best!  


Niwot, Colorado

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