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Laura Nieman Testimonial - Summer 2022

Laura’s CA15-3 and CA 27-29 numbers were not good.  These are blood proteins and when levels are elevated it can mean cancer.

Normal for CA 15-3 is 0-31.  Normal for CA 27-29 is 0-38.6.

Laura’s blood draw on May 23, 2022 had the following results: CA 15-3 was 2,715 and CA 27-29 was 1,754.  Anything over 1,000 gets the oncologist’s attention.  Laura’s current medication (Ibrance) was no longer effective.

Laura started working with Sheri in January of 2022.  Laura’s numbers steadily increased until they peaked in May of 2022.  The medication which wasn’t working was stopped in February of 2022.

Laura had a PET Scan on March 30, 2022.  Then she had a liver biopsy completed on April 29, 2022.  These two procedures must be completed before changing medication because, together, they show what type of cancer/s she has. Based on the results, the oncologist is able to determine which other medication to prescribe.

Laura did not get the results of the above tests until she had her doctor’s appointment on May 23, 2022.  She was expecting bad new with this appointment. The oncologist said, “I don’t have any bad news.  You just won the lottery.  Stage 4 Breast Cancer mutated to a PIK3CA*, treatable by a pill”.  The chemo pill currently prescribed is Xeloda.

*(a breast cancer gene that mutates and is treatable by a chemo pill)

There was an extremely big takeaway from the cancer’s mutating.  While Sheri was still working with Laura, Laura was not taking ANY chemo for the months of March through May.  Somehow, without chemo, the mutation occurred.  This occurrence is extremely rare (a miracle).

The table below shows how Laura’s numbers changed as time went on with Sheri.  Laura’s lowest numbers with Sheri’s treatments were around 300.

DATE, CA 15-3 (Normal 0-31), CA 27-29 (Normal 0-38.6)

4/18/2022, 1681, 1174

5/23/2022, 2715 (shows Ibrance not working), 1754

6/13/2022, 1363, 864

7/5/2022, 785, 5602 (lab error)

7/25/2022, 523, 375

8/15/2022, 392, 246

9/6/2022, 364, 238

9/27/2022, 302, 181

10/17/2022, 276, 169

11/7/2022, 286, 153

12/12/2022, 327, 193

The only thing Laura can state is the fact that her Stage 4 Breast Cancer mutated to a form treatable by a chemo pill.  The mutation occurred while she was working with Sheri.  This speaks volumes about Sheri’s energy-healing technique.

In reality, what did Laura change in her daily routines?  The only change was working with Sheri.

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