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Lost Animals

Recovering and Supporting Lost Animals and their Families.

I provide my services as an animal communicator, intuitive, and Reiki master to help locate the animal while keeping tabs on their physical and emotional condition. Locating lost animals is not a science. It's an art and is not easy. There are many factors that make it difficult. 

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Recovering and Supporting Lost Animals and their Families

When a beloved companion goes missing, it's terrible stress for the whole family.  Locating lost animals is not a science. It's an art and is not easy. There are many factors that make it difficult.


However, I will do my best to facilitate a happy ending for all, although there are no guarantees.


The time it takes to bring the search to conclusion is different in every case.


To start the process, I will need a photo of your animal, your address, email address, phone, and where and when the pet was lost. You can provide that information when booking the service below. Please email a recent photo of your animal to


Next, I will need your credit card. I will start by charging you for a half-hour which will be $75. The initial 30min will be charged when booking the service.


I will then keep a log of the minutes I spend. After we've passed the half-hour, I will charge your card in ½ hours increments of $75 to one hour at $125/hr increments.


Via text, emails, and phone calls, I will continue to keep you updated about the search. This reporting time will also be kept track of in the log.


In addition to giving Reiki to the pet, I can also be available to do Reiki sessions for human family members. Reiki sessions for the pet are included in the Search. Reiki sessions for the human family members are extra but can be put on the same credit card if you wish. These sessions will be scheduled outside of my search time. 


If at any time you wish to terminate my services, please do so in an email and a phone message so I will know when to stop my search.


You will only be charged for the time I spend looking for, treating your animal with Reiki, and communicating with you. If you have a monetary cap on what you can spend, please let me know at the start. I will let you know when we're approaching that amount. 


If all of this is acceptable, please book your initial 30 minutes below. Once I receive your booking and payment, I will contact you ASAP to begin our quest for your missing companion. Please also call me to confirm your request!

Please don't forget to send a recent photo of your lost animal to

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