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12.12.12 Had to write that!

Nearing another Christmas and feeling pretty good!  We have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  My four legged friends are currently doing well, what more can one ask for!?!  Well, I do need to finish unpacking!  The newest hold up is my laptop and it’s inventory program not doing well.  As soon as it comes back from computer hospital or at least the necessary files to put on my other laptop,  everything shall proceed.  That will be all the “decorating” I do this year, lol.

Does anyone know Greek?  According to my grandfather who was an Episcopal priest, X is Greek for Christ.  So if you see Xmas, it is actually Christmas, not an abrieviation, who knew?!  I love driving around and looking at all the Xmas lights.  From the simple to the complex they are all fun to look at.  Remember not to use tinsel with your pets around.  They will want to eat it and that’s not a good thing.  Does anyone still use tinsel on their Xmas tree?

I’m looking forward to a Mastery Meditation in Theta with Oils given by my friend Claudia Lanigan.  Another celebration for the changing of the Mayan calendar with oils from Ancient Scripture, Egyptian oils, and others will produce a very strong experience.  I’m ready for a new beginning and a new me.  I am interested to see how our Mayan calendar change from the last 2600 years to the start of a new 2600 years will manifest itself.  Going from an anthropocentric life to the beginning of a biocentric life should be very interesting.  The world she is a changing!


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