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Disney and the Owl

I am a long time fan of Disney. Love all his movies. I mourned his loss when he passed.

Recently at an event I heard the story about the time at the age of 7 years he interacted with and killed an owl. It upset me so deeply I had to leave the room. I had a hard time believing it was true. I did look it up on this site to find out the truth.

In order to help myself handle the pain I felt (and it seems the pain Walt felt) I did what I needed to do. Here is what I wrote:

Disney and the Owl

Death is such a final step especially when surprised

Young boy, young owl

Who ended life then ran

Into a life where all not lost

A youngster becomes a man

He spent his life atoning

By the beauty he then found

Through pictures of life

Views of Death that brought the heart around

To stories that would let one know

That reminded us of love

That told us through the stories

That told us through the music

That told us through the pain and loss

A beauty can come through

A heart that can be full of love when grief can finally

Inevitably , release to a livable set place

Of acceptance

Of love,

Of understanding

Of expression of beauty that reaches many hearts

To know there is a passion

A new and living presence

That is not forgotten

That is not alone

That is all around us

Comforting us

Holding us

In Love

I felt better after I wrote this.

Maybe it will help others, too.


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