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Moon Meanderings

I like to talk, think and write, yet I have a hard time knowing where to start!  This time a friend requested that I write a little something about the moon so here goes:

The Moon in astrology is a part of the person’s “identity” represented by the Sun, Moon and Rising sign where, in a natal chart, the Sun symbolizes a person’s ego consciousness, the Moon symbolizes a person’s unconsciousness including a mystical unconsciousness comprised of the personal and collective unconsciousness.  The Rising or First house cusp symbolizes a person’s personality or the face they present to the world.

In Tarot the Moon card represents the Mother, nurturing, and possibly an implied ending, dark night of the Soul, birth of new consciousness and the nurturing of this newborn.

As the Moon effects the tides of bodies of waters symbolically it can affect the tides of our heart.  The mathematical “waves” of the geometry in our charts moves the waters of our soul to a more rhythmic translation of what is happening in our hearts.  We mourn loss, we love family and friends, we are in awe of the beauty of the world both inner and outer.  Where does this take us?  To a place that we mourn the loss of, struggle to return to only to find we never left this place.  Illumination can exist even when we don’t realize we are there.  The Moon moves us to realize what we really are on the inside extrapolated to the outer universe.  Why must we have such symbols to help us wake up?  We don’t.  There are many ways to achieve self-realization.  Each way helps us to find ourselves and this is one way to do it.  It is a lovely path to walk and I for one enjoy it.

The Moon can open a door to the mystical inner worlds that most of us never have the time to explore or the wisdom to know we need to.  It can help the mind to wake up to the glories of the many dimensional world we live in.  The sound of life, the scent of life, the dimensions of life can be emanated and experienced from such a place.

What is a life without the ability to experience awe and wonder?  Even fear has its place in this experience of deeply felt emotions.  The Moon can symbolically represent the human ability to reach such deep places of feeling that there is a possibility of a transpersonal experience that goes beyond a cultural identity to that of the transpersonal identity.  I find this exciting!  What do you think!?


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