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What is Reiki?

Reiki is like a meditation healing experience using hands on energy technology. Adding Guided Imagery or Music one might experience deep relaxation, a feeling of warmth from the Reiki energy, visuals like in a dream, emotions or physical responses to going into a deep meditative state. One might fall deeply asleep. At the end of the session one could feel well rested, energized, joyful, with a new perspective on life.

A virtual or hands on session starts with greetings with the practitioner and the participant. Then the participant settles in a comfortable place and position to lie down during the session. Once the Guided Imagery or Music starts the energy person puts their hands either energetically or physically on the participant's body to start the energy work. There are simple positions on the head, front of the torso and the back. When finished the person gets up and talks with the practitioner for closure and self-care recommendations.

When working with animals either virtually or hands on, I require a picture of the animal and their name. When it is time for their session I am able to connect energetically and start the Reiki session. Session notes will be emailed to their caregiver.


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