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What is Theta healing?

Theta is a healing paradigm to search out old beliefs from the depths of your being, bring them to light, releasing any that no longer serve you. Then creating new ones that work with your life now through the use of "downloads" of positive new beliefs.

This helps one to change any negative thinking, working with the highest level of love and energy from Creative Intelligence. Connecting to Creative Intelligence strengthens Theta work and opens one's ability to change physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Theta is a mosaic of different pieces that create a full design. Each piece builds upon the previous piece. The Theta reading starts the Theta healing which is the basis of the Belief work which in turn brings all the pieces together into a cohesive whole.

Either virtually or at my office we are seated together for the process of "digging" or searching for unconscious beliefs that are limiting your life experiences. Then the new beliefs can be utilized to further optimistic, encouraging and valuable life events.

As an animal communicator I am able to work with Theta and ask them or their higher self about what happened to cause their anxiety, discomfort, symptoms and so on.

The session starts with either a virtual call or phone call with the caregiver to further explore what the animal needs and my help in solving their issues. Through the experiences shared by the animal I am able to solve the issues the they are suffering from.


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