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Dog Obedience Education - 1/2 hr

Become your dog's pack leader while treating him as a friend & partner

  • 30 min
  • 75 US dollars
  • At an agreed location.

Service Description

Your dog will be carefully taught to understand a few simple words and hand signals. You must learn this vocabulary and how to back up your requests. In order for your dog to have a lasting respect for your wishes, you MUST step into the role of his trainer and leader. This cannot be done for you. All requests come in a pleasant calm tone of voice. The requests from you, the handler, must be enacted immediately and continued until you give further instructions. You will use "No" in a firm, reproving tone, if the dog moves when asked to hold. With young puppies, the correction will be very gentle in the beginning. You will be taught how to "speak" using the leash also in a gentle manner. Praise instantly after each correction. All the above helps the handler/owner to understand how their dog perceives the "human/dog" behavior. The training procedures begin with love for all animals and are based on a thorough understanding of canine instincts. It is known that the dog is a gregarious animal that prefers to live in a group called a pack. In a natural canine pack, one dog will become the leader – he directs the hunt for food and defense of territory. All the members of the group follow the leader without question. Never is any pack member forced to perform any action, although the leader will chastise undesirable behavior. When a dog lives with people, he accepts his family pack, and ideally, these humans have the role of pack leaders. However, there is a communications problem -- the dog does not comprehend human language. He needs to be taught the meanings of a few words, but this should be done in such a way that he is not forced. The dog must have a good feeling about the things people want him to do; he must derive some personal enjoyment from these desired actions. Therefore, we never order or command, but always treat the dog as a friend and partner, directing that he does certain things. When he has learned to understand some words of English, you may then step into the role of pack leader and in accordance with canine instincts, insist that your dog complies with your requests. Maybe it sounds complicated, but this training method works with all dogs at all ages because it is compatible with canine instincts. Other training schools will tell you how to MAKE a dog perform -- this program will teach you how to become your dog's pack leader: then canine instinct will demand his unswerving devotion and compliance with your directives.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy? I need to be notified 48 hours before the appointment. Another date will be reassigned or you will be charged for the time as others could have used that appointment.

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