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Intuitive, Experienced, Educated

Since her earliest days, Sheri Anspach has been able to discern the inner lives of both people and animals. Since then, she has enhanced her natural gifts by becoming a Reiki Master, Theta Healing practitioner, and instructor, A.M.A.H.T. practitioner, as well as earning a B.A. and M.A. in Psychology and becoming certified as a music-centered psychotherapist trained in the method of Hellen Bonny, Ph.D. 

She also employs Prayer Work, Bach Flower Remedies, Young Living Essential Oils, Tarot, and Astrology as needed in her treatments and healing of both humans and animals. 


Practical Solutions for Seekers of

The Marvelous, The Mystical, and The Sacred

Do you need help with grief, stress, difficult people or situations, relationships, or creative blocks?

Is your companion animal experiencing health or behavioral problems?

Is your companion animal lost?

Do you feel there should be more to life?

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Sheri Anspach Intuitive and Healer
Sheri Anspach


I have been intuitive since I was a child. Since the earliest days, I have been able to discern the inner lives of both people and animals. The more I listen and work with my intuition the more I learn.

Now I share my gifts for either people or their pets by giving intuitive readings, counseling, or healing sessions. I am also teaching others about their intuition and healing abilities for themselves, their animals, and others.

Blazing Eye

Sheri's mission and passion are helping animals and their people. Just one example of her amazing capabilities and intuition: During a visit to the San Diego Zoo, the giraffe keeper - a fellow Reiki Master - allowed Sheri to feed and talk with the oldest giraffe. In addition, Sheri was invited to give the giraffe Reiki for his arthritis as he lay down and put his head in her lap. Sheri so loves learning how to help others with healing.

During Sheri's Theta training she worked with a person dealing with grief. After a 30 minute session, the woman stated Sheri had helped her more in those 30 minutes than three years with her therapist.

No matter if you, a loved one, or a companion animal are in need of healing - emotional or physical, Sheri Anspach offers a wide variety of healing to help others with their pain.



Understanding animals' thoughts and feelings, and providing owner-guardians clear communication, healing, and comfort.


Powerful healing of physical, mental, and emotional disorders through gentle transfer of energy.



Providing assistance in the areas of personal issues, relationships, healing, and finding your sacred path and life purpose. 



As an animal communicator, intuitive, and Reiki master I can assist in locating the lost animal while monitoring their physical and emotional condition. If your companion animal is lost, please click the button below to take the next steps in connecting with me.

Crystal Rock

"Sheri is an amazing gift to humanity. The intuitive gifts that she receives through source to pass on and help people, animals and plants are truly worth experiencing. Sheri helped my father transition during his death, and it brought so much inner peace to me and my family. Her animal communication skills are superb and spot on. She has also done reiki on my body for pain with me experiencing success.I will recommend her to anyone with joy."

Gwen, Bellvue, CO

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